Do you think setting up hardware design (VLSI/Embedded) labs require lakhs of investment?

Absolutely not! With the emergence of thrust in open source hardware design, industry standard manufacturable designs are possible with fully open source frameworks!  

Undergraduate and graduate students can take full advantage of open source frameworks to advance their skills in VLSI more than professional trainings. They become equipped to utilize any industry standard tool later on due to the extensive exploration in emerging frameworks! 

Why technowiz labs?

  • Setting up and managing open source labs and frameworks is a huge hassle and not streamlined like working with professional tools
  • Most students give up with several problems even in the installation due to problems caused by dependencies, compatibility or lack of sufficient expertise 
  • Our cloud based labs enable us to automate and take care of all the hassles in getting started making you fall in love with open source hardware design

Fractional investment

Undergraduate students and beginners do not use all the features in professional tools and it is absolutely unnecessary to heavily invest for getting started! We enable easy and instant access to open source frameworks allowing students to explore and even customise the tools!  

flexible learning

Design tools can be accessed over the cloud. Open source means no licensing restrictions on remote access! No offline conventional “lab” like setup with high-end hardware is required. 


no more prolonged "trainings"

We provide a jump start to your step into hardware (or) circuit (or) VLSI (or) Embedded system design.

Everything is available for free on the internet! We teach you the essential technologies to get started so you can learn independently free of cost! 

GET AHEAD of the “STANDARD/basic” skills


Achieve very high level of productivity and comfort by adopting High Level HDLs like TL-Verilog, Bluespec System Verilog, Chisel etc., We ease your learning curve so you can ace complex designs and implement your novel ideas in no time compared to traditional HDLs/HLS !


work on innovative hardware !

New is good! Carry out really innovative research based projects! Say goodbye to trivial boring projects that are done for ages! Equip yourself not only with the tools but also turn your ideas to reality! 


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